The un-heroic storm warriors

Monday, December 14, 2009

The poster was cool & the trailer was effing cool that everyone expected the movie to be a kick-ass. Like awesomely good. They were wrong. I was wrong too. How could this happen?? It was so incredibly disastrous that I simply couldn't believe myself & WL sitting through 2 hours just to digest the plot.

What went wrong? Sadly speaking, the production team focused too much on bringing the comic to life with loads of CGIs that it neglected on the feelings & stories behind the characters. Furthermore, there was a serious lack of interaction between characters; dialogues were mostly one-sentence while the entire action sequences were overtly exaggerated.

When you watch the movie, you'll notice that the CGI sequences resembled one Hollywood movie a lot. That's right! It looked exactly like the Spartan themed 300, unfortunately. With loads of slow motion scenes squeezed into the 2 hour movie, one can imagine how dull & boring it can get. Having weirdly translated Malay subtitles (ie Penjejak Awan equivalent to Striding Cloud) flashing across the screen was already annoying, there you have Charlene Choi as Second Dream (oh what a name! -_-") always calling out to Wind & nothing else. What the heck~

Please, please...don't go wasting your precious time & money to catch this in the cinemas. In fact, it's not even worth your time spent watching a pirated DVD at home. It's THAT bad...