Arrival of my new baby

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The long wait is finally over. After almost 3 weeks to a month of not having one, I sighed with relief that I no longer need to go through an excruciatingly painful torture wait another few donkey years for it; feeling deprived. =P

The thing that has kept me excited for the past few days is nothing other than my brand new lappie!

Dell Studio 1450!

I just don't know how to express how delighted I am to be able to afford a lappie for myself. If it wasn't due to my old Compaq in the brink of death, I wouldn't have bothered getting a new one. So it was out of desperate measures that I've decided to place order on Dell's website. And thankfully, my patience paid off as I obtained a pretty good deal over the PC Fair weekend - minus the queues & hassles.

With the bright LED screen measuring at 14" & weighing only 2.4kg, my baby is has everything that I needed or perhaps a little bit more. It is running on the Windows 7 platform & has been showing good signs of stability after 3 weeks of usage.

I supposed the only thing that made me the happiest that I purchased my baby at a really attractve price. Not too pricey, not too cheap that the performance is compromised - at least I'm satisfied. And *tsk tsk*...I no longer need to fight with my sis for the computer. =)