Happy 2010!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Another year has gone by so quickly that it's time to usher a brand new year. This year's New Year's Eve was different for me cuz instead of staying at home, I was out celebrating with WL & his family. It was a gathering of two celebrations - birthday of WL's 2nd brother & welcoming of year 2010.

Food choices were kept to minimal to avoid wastage. And so we had a joyous eating session with buckets of KFC & fried mee hoon to whet our hungry appetites. I left after having a mini slice of the cheese cake; minutes before the clock struck 12am.

While on the way home, the traffic slowed down on the highway somewhere in Klang. Little did we expect that majority of the motorists pulled over to the side to watch...fireworks! Then only it dawned on us that it was already midnight. It's 2010~ Not wanting to miss the fun, WL parked the car & we both witness the fireworks lighting up from various location.

And we kissed.

What better way to celebrate new year with someone dearest to you? It was simply beautiful & definitely a night to remember. Indeed a good way to start a happy 2010!