Sudden attack

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The past few hours had been a rather horrifying experience to begin with. It was just another day as usual when I arrived home after a long day at work. With my shopping bags from Jusco, I clutched them & walked tiredly to my room. Everyone was immersed in their daily routine - watching TV, reading newspaper, sleeping etc. By 11pm, most of my family were already sound asleep. I went to bed early as I was pretty much exhausted.

A loud screaming had woke me up from my slumber. Feeling puzzled, I went to the source of the loud voice. To my horror, I saw grandpa lying stiffly on his bed while Dad & cousin bro was calling out his name loudly. His left part of the body was paralysed from head to toe; leaving his mouth wide open. His breathing was hard & had a loud cracking sound. Grandpa was partially unconscious & we knew that this ain't a good sign. We had to call the ambulance.

Upon contacting the ambulance, we were notified that they need 10 mins to arrive. We couldn't wait any longer & decided to rush grandpa to the hospital. Once in the emergency room, he continued to shake vigorously - his right arm extending stiffly towards us - asking for comfort & support. While a doctor & nurses treated him, we waited outside anxiously & I couldn't control the tears streaming down my cheeks. We thought he wouldn't have survived the ordeal in another 24 hours.

The X-ray scans showed that grandpa suffered internal bleeding in the brain; in laymen term - stroke. The doctor commented that his case is moderately severe & is to be sent to ICU for special attention. The whole family could hardly sleep a wink last night. Who could when such incident happened? We're only hoping for the best. Lets keep our fingers crossed...