Good signs

Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's been two weeks since the day grandpa was admitted to the hospital for stroke. After numerous occasion of changing, moving in & out of different wards; he is finally being placed in a normal ward. And the good news is...he is showing signs of recovery.

I'm amazed at the rate he is recovering; considering his age. There are several things that he still can't do - speech, sitting up or opening his eyes, Nevertheless, we were all relieved & glad that he is now able to move his left arm & both his limbs.

Time is what grandpa needs to heal. Even the doctors are unsure to what extend he will recover. Due to his old age, he may not be able to fully heal & return back to normal ie stand & walk. For me, I only want him to stay healthy. I know that some day in the near future, he may no longer be around. But my final wish is to hope that he lives on...long enough to see me get married. Nothing more.

Dear grandpa, please get well soon!