People of the media industry

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Being part of the marketing industry can actually provide an individual a life full of excitement & bizarre events. You meet people from all walks of life - not only of different backgrounds but personalities too. For instance, this media guy who is affiliated to our agency was at our place for a quick presentation by representatives from the radio station.

He was transferring a presentation deck to my thumb drive so that my manager & I could look through it just in case our CEO might start questioning for our opinions. Coincidentally, he saw a movie clip of Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans (I think...can't remember -_-") & casually asked..."can I have that, please?"

I was taken by surprise as it was such a hilarious moment. I was like..."Sure, go ahead. Since you've asked..." Haha! It's no biggie, really. But just so funny =P. Never thought that I would encounter such random moments with someone I'm not personally close to. Perhaps that made he & I close up the gap as working partners. Interesting...*chuckles*