First class men in first class movie

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The first time I saw this poster...

...I had mixed feelings. I felt elated that James McAvoy, the Scottish actor (with his sexy Scottish accent) will be the young Charles Xavier. However, one look at the other casts with unfamiliar names & faces had me deliberating whether to watch it in the cinema. I couldn't deny the uneasy feeling tugging on me that it may turn out to be a boring movie. Then again, I may be wrong. Who said that movies with A-list actors/actresses are guaranteed not a flop?

With that in mind, WL & I bought tickets for last night's session. The verdict? It turned out pretty awesome! It's like the rejuvenation of the X-Men franchise, brought to life by these promising stars. The plot mainly focuses on the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 & the developing friendship between Charles Xavier & Erik Lensherr before they became the unformidable Professor X & Magneto respectively; parting ways due to conflicts in beliefs & ideology.

No doubt McAvoy looks convincing as the intellectual professor but the real star power here is Michael Fassbender's portrayal of Erik. The angst, revenge & spiteful demeanour mixed with his softer side is overwhelming. Much credits to other stars in the film who performed very well to bring out their characters. I wouldn't reveal any further cuz you really should go see it for yourself. I'd give thumbs up for this movie, if I were you. =D