Batch 85 Graduation

Monday, June 06, 2011

Last Saturday was a memorable day for my dear little sister. After two years of sheer hard work & struggles, she is finally graduating from her diploma course in advertising design. Though not a degree yet, it's still worth celebrating cuz she's eligible to work. Yay!

Here's my little sis in a robe & mortar board before the ceremony commences.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Grand Ballroom, Sunway Resort - a pretty grand event when compared to my graduation which was only held in a multi-purpose hall in INTI's Nilai campus. While my sis & other graduates waited outside the ballroom, the guests were ushered to be seated at their assigned tables.

The ceremony started almost 2 hours later & without further adieu, the procession began with graduates marching into the ballroom. One by one, names of graduates were being called up to receive the dummy scroll. As a symbol of respect, guests were advised against applauding during the ceremony. We were also not allowed to stand near the stage to take pics so I had to resort to snapping my sis on stage from the large projector screen.

Two hours later, the ceremony finally ended. Whee! Here's a pic of me & my sis after officially graduated.

And not forget family pics... =D

Dinner was served right after the ceremony ended - a rather interesting feat as most graduation ceremonies do not provide meals, perhaps only refreshments. Anyways, guests had to pay about RM100+ per pax for ceremony tickets therefore it's not surprising that dinner is expected.

The food wasn't too bad despite it being halal. In fact, I personally enjoyed most of the dishes. To keep everyone entertained, there were some pretty good performances specially arranged by the students themselves. Overall, we had an enjoyable time laughing & chatting away. Sure bet this pic shows it all... =P

Well, congratulations to my dear sis & here's wishing her all the best in her future endeavours. =)