Roadside KFC

Sunday, June 27, 2010

In the heart of KL nearby the historical Pudu jail, lies a stretch of hawker stalls in between the streets. Still doesn't ring a bell? The location is a stone's throw away from the popular yong tau fu shoplot that, I believe, most people should know.

At first impression, the hawker stalls street aka Wai Sek Kai didn't seem to be an ideal choice for me & WL's dinner date on a Saturday. No doubt I have pet peeves for less hygienic food premise ie badly lit, dirty tables & chairs, stalls being too near the stinking & severely clogged drains. The occasional sightings of rodents & the territorial system added on to my resentment. When I mentioned territorial, I meant literally being shooed away by the owners for sitting too near the stores without ordering any of their food. Some business sense they've got, huh? -.-"

Despite all that, I'm quite satisfied with the pork noodles that WL claimed to be one of the best. The soup is not oily & less salty to my liking. I wouldn't call it the best cuz pork noodles seemed the same to me. Unless the hor fun is made thin & smooth =).

Of course the one that truly impressed me was the fried chicken. Ta-da!

I know you won't believe this. It tasted exactly like KFC! Yes, you read it right. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Period. And I'd say that the chicken kicks ass big time cuz it's way, way cheaper. WL paid merely RM4.80 for breast meat & another piece near the drumstick. For all I know, the chicken tasted even better some of the KFC outlets that I've patronised. Shame on you, KFC! Go tantalize your taste buds with this Pudu chicken & tell me what you think. Trust me, it's finger linkin' good. Yum~ *drools*