My baby is leaving...

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm counting the days left to my sweetheart's last day at work. Two more days...and he'll be officially "graduated" from his job. It was difficult for me as I got so used to having him around almost all the time - someone to share my joy & a shoulder to lean on when times are less cheerful.

There were tears of joy & sadness leading to this day. I was happy for him cuz he had finally found a better job opportunity. As predicted, I felt upset about the fact that he'll be leaving me behind. And I won't have anyone to turn to in the office when I'm feeling down or stressed. He has definitely become my security pillow or comfort zone.

But I kept telling myself that we need to move on. If not, how are we to progress further; whether it's career or relationship? I'll have to find ways to get used to the surrounding without his presence, no matter what. Whatever it is, I'll miss you baby. So, so much...=(