Kokopelli Travellers Bistro @ Section 14, PJ (Revisited)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Two years ago, I visited this bungalow-turned-restaurant called Kokopelli nearby my house which serves Western food. I thought the food was mediocre & way too expensive for rather small servings.. From then, I didn't stop by for a 2nd visit for almost a year. Apparently, the restaurant was closed for a period of time due to renovation works. I thought to myself, they might be doing some touchups to the interior. Several weeks later, the restaurant was back to business as usual.

Out of the blue, my sis asked me out for dinner simply because we have no idea on what takeout food to buy. This is how the restaurant looks from the roadside.

It's a pity that the restaurant is situated unstrategically at the roadside just opposite 3 Two Square cuz parking is seriously lacking in the area. Walk through the entrance & you'll see tables & chairs with parasols adorn the outdoor.

The interior looks simple & homely, a little old as traces of the old bungalow house structure is still evident.

The menu design is a vast improvement from my last visit. Their old menu design was atrocious cuz it was printed out of white paper & binded messily. It was obvious the design was prepared & printed from a personal printer at home. Plus point for better presentation this round!

We ordered 2 main courses to share but was rather disappointed with the portion served. The price ain't cheap at RM20.90 per dish. Moreover, the dishes tasted so-so. Hmm...not a good sign.

Chicken with BBQ sauce, salad & poached egg

Seafood linguine aglio olio

Of course, we weren't fully satisfied & had to order more to whet our appetite. Another 2 orders were made & thankfully, those dishes wasn't too bad.

Classic mushroom soup

Garlic & chilli clams

Restaurants shouldn't go wrong with classic mushroom soup as it's the most basic & common dish. Glad that Kokopelli's chef hit the right note with rich taste & aroma, not to forget in the right thickness. The garlic & chilli clams was pretty delicious. Again, I've to stress that the clams were too tiny in size & the whole portion was too small. Definitely not worth paying RM12.90 for it.

I'm not sure if I would return for the 3rd time or more in the future. It seemed to me the owners have no reason to attract more customers to their already dwindling business. From my observation, business are quiet on most days & even if there are...I presume they are of close friends or relatives dropping by to support the business. The owners should really look into improving their weaknesses or risk facing closedown.

Kokopelli Travellers Bistro
(opposite Jaya 32 Square)
4, Section 14/46
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

03-7956 7505

Opening Hours:
Lunch 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Last table booking 2:45pm
Dinner 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Last table booking - 10:20pm
Closed on Mondays