Johnny English Reborn

Saturday, September 17, 2011

One glance at this poster, one would immediately relate Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean to a slapstick humourist or someone who happens to have a hilarious face performing ridiculously stupid actions, stunts, facial expressions name it.

If it wasn't for WL, there's no way I would watch Johnny English Reborn in the cinema. Most of the comedies or parodies, in my opinion, is a waste of my time & money. I decided to give this movie a chance since I was immensely stressed the whole week & didn't even find time to release it. After all, it was a public holiday & I should let loose a little bit.

I'd have to thank my baby for proposing this movie. Not that he knew it would be so entertaining, but I was glad the movie came at the right time for him to suggest watching it when I needed something less serious. Love you babe! =)

For those of you who with opinions that Rowan Atkinson's jokes & antics are getting a little dated, not really in this movie. The jokes in the movie is witty but just bear in mind that they're for good laughs only. We need to be less serious once in a while. XD

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