Year of the Water Dragon

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

This year CNY fell on Jan 23 which meant it's slightly less than a month away from Christmas. Was it a nightmare shopping for clothes? Oh yes, it certainly was. Immediately after Christmas week, retail shops in malls scrambled to display CNY-themed clothing in anticipation of the mad rush shopping weekends.

For individuals whose families ain't particular, they already opted to shop during Christmas sans the CNY shopping crowd. People like me who still live with a traditional family have no choice but to shop for all things new - clothes, shoes, inner wear. I was so occupied on a tight timeline project until I didn't have time at all to shop on a weekday. And I kinda wasted 2 weekends allocated for shopping due to complicated matters which I vow to not mention again.

Hence, I was left with the final 2 weekends to grab whatever I needed. I couldn't get a single thing cuz the clothes looked bad & there was no suitable size even though I've found something I fancied. Tough luck! With 1 more week left, I went out shopping every day after work with the slightest hope that I will buy something. By Saturday, I managed to get a few items though not everything in my shopping list. Still better than nothing right? Phew~

All these years, I wasn't very fond of CNY celebration except the fact that you receive red packets (if you're still single) & reuniting with old friends from abroad. Meeting up with relatives once a year is kinda fun but they can be rather pesky with "questions" & topics, thus conversations with them turn dull, repetitive & dated.

Anyways, it's still the festive season now & I should be merrier; not complaining like an old lady. Let's hope for prosperity & health in this Water Dragon year. To sign off this post, here's a pic from our CNY eve reunion dinner just to show off how good my D5100 is. =P