Conflict of interest

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For the first time in 10 months working with my immediate superior, I had a pretty huge argument on a project we're working on. She yelled at me, seemingly thought that I didn't understand nor realised that our agency's account director was picking on us.

I got pissed but instead of arguing back, I remained silent & put on a sour face for 2 days. What even annoyed me more is that she's asking around for help if there's any job recommendation. And the job should meet her requirements - not too distant from her house, managerial position in Marcom department & no long working hours. Gosh, how picky she can be! Though I'd have to salute her for being so courageous to tender resignation without securing the next job. Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore. God bless her & good luck to her, man! *shrugs*