Jobless soon

Thursday, April 05, 2012

For the first time in my career, I actually tendered resignation before securing a new job. Why so sudden, you'd ask? If it wasn't due to desperation, I wouldn't have resort to such rash decision. Let's just say that politics killed us all.

It shouldn't be that bad, ain't it? Well, it is. Getting worse, in fact. Because I'm soon to be the one & only one left in the department. Being the last one standing, I was expected to handle upcoming big projects on my own. This is not the time to be heroic & noble because teamwork is of utmost importance.

Since the management refused to hear my pleas, I made a move to end the agony once & for all. The management "seemed" to be suffering from the consequences but I'm not feeling the least bit merciful. Serves them right for treating us poorly. Now I'm more concerned about getting a job. Hopefully I'll be hired soon, fingers crossed.