My first bikini

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's been a long, long time since I last put on a swimsuit; the last I recalled was during my childhood days when I used to play in children's pool at hotels during family holidays. Now that my family hardly spend holidays together & I never had the courage to sign up for swimming lessons probably due to aquaphobia, I really didn't see the need to get fitted in a new piece of swimwear as I grew older.

Recently, I've changed my mind & decided to buy some swimwear mainly because WL & I booked two island vacations for this year. I bought a 2-piece swimwear (a halter top & skirt bottom) which barely got wet in Bali because I was too chicken to take a dunk into the pool at night with WL (who swims at night anyway?). For the upcoming Krabi trip, we're expecting to get even wetter as the main activities involve island hopping, jungle trekking & soaking up in hot springs. I've concluded that one swimwear is not enough for all the wet activities so I took a bolder step & looked up on nice bikini designs online & retail.

Generally, bikinis made from good material do carry a hefty price tag especially brands like Rip Curl, Billabong, Roxy & Schwarzenbach come to mind. The Groupon offer on the Victoria's Secret bikini couldn't have appear at any better time than this & I quickly ordered one (silently praying that the smallest size will fit my skinny frame). The price is RM99 which is definitely cheaper than retail but I started to wonder if it's genuine. Oh well, screw it...I shouldn't be demanding more, right?

The bikini top is the Daisy Push-up Triangle Top design which comes with removable padding. Honestly, the padding doesn't give much push-up to small chest girls like me. As you can see below, the top looks perky because I've replaced it with a thicker padding. It has removable bow & ties at the neck as well as the back.

Moving on the bikini bottom, it has adjustable drawstring side ties with moderate back coverage. Thank God this one fits me well without much tightening needed.

There were 4 colours for sale - black, pink, purple & blue. I chose blue as it stands out more from the rest. So far so good; it does look original with its care label intact but I noticed some typo errors. Doesn't matter. All I care is I can't wait to wear it for my upcoming Krabi trip. =D