Olympus Has Fallen

Sunday, April 07, 2013

While we wait eagerly for the summer blockbusters to arrive, there are not many movies shown in the cinema beginning of the year that will appease to our needs for entertainment. Nevertheless, WL & I still wanted to spend our time catching a movie rather than window shopping aimlessly. So we picked Olympus Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart & Rick Yuen.

The movie opened with the scene of Gerard Butler as Mike Banning, a member of the Secret Service accompanying the President & his family with other agents to charity gala. Luck was not on their side & a freak accident happened, causing Banning to make a quick decision to rescue the President instead of the First Lady.

Eighteen months later, Banning is seen taking up a desk job at the President's administrative office in order to avoid reminding the President about the First Lady's death. Apart from dealing with his personal guilt from the incident, he was also trying to salvage his marriage with his wife. Fast forward to the President's office, the government was expecting a diplomatic visit from South Korea's president. Little did the US government expect that a such meeting would lead to an invasion on the White House.

The rest of the movie became rather predictable with one-man show from Banning, fighting through to rescue the President. And a ridiculously silly one too. Because a hijacked US Air Force plane was even allowed to fly in close proximity of the White House. I'm pretty sure the plane would've got shot down when the pilots do not respond when being signaled. Nevertheless, it was still entertaining if you don't take the movie too seriously & ignore its absurdity. After all, it's just an appetiser to whole lot more exciting summer blockbusters in the coming months.

Pic courtesy of MoviePosterDB.com