Escape Plan

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The October month is not exactly the right timing to visit the cinema unless you're a fan of horror movies. It's the month of Halloween & scary, creepy movies are aplenty. Among the plethora of horror flicks, Escape Plan stood out from the rest. Since WL & I needed a quick fix for our day-to-day work stress, this movie seems like the best bet.

Front lined by 2 Hollywood action stars of yesteryears, Escape Plan at first did sounded like another Expendables-styled movie. After 30 mins of the movie, I have concluded that the plot is indeed a bit more intelligent than their recent works. In summary, Stallone took on the role of Ray Breslin, a former prosecutor who owns a security firm specialised in testing the reliability of maximum security prisons. His approach is rather unusual - he chooses to spend time in prison to study the designs & guards' habits in order to know & exploit their weaknesses. This in turn will help Breslin to escape without any issues.

When Breslin & his partner were offered a multi-million deal to test a top-secret prison & conclude if it is escape-proof, the former agreed immediately without any suspicions even though the T&C of the offer was against his personal rules. Things turned awry when Breslin was drugged & his tracking microchip forcefully removed, leaving his team unable to track his whereabouts. Upon regaining consciousness, he realised that he has arrived the top-secret prison & began his usual tactics to escape the prison. However, his initial plans failed & he almost gave up since the prison is highly guarded without any access to the view outside.

Breslin befriended fellow inmate Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarnegger) & together with other inmates, plotted an escape plan out of their cell. While the film's intention to showcase that our action heroes (Stallone & Schwarzenegger) still have their star power, the flow of the storyline ain't too bad. At least I don't have to cringe seeing their huge muscles bulging from their aging bodies.

Nevertheless, I have to salute these men for their efforts to maintain their shapes & look the part for the movie. Stallone is having more lines to say, which is a good thing. Otherwise, it is a pain to see him pulling off his signature face just like in Rambo - droopy eyes with the lips twisted to one side. Indeed entertaining on its own so it's safe to get your tickets for this movie. Just expect a showcase of explosions & gun fires, not forgetting that Schwarzenegger will always have the "Terminator" in his blood.

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