Awesome Canteen @ Taman Paramount, PJ

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My ex-colleague, THE secretary made plans with me to have lunch together. I recommended to try Awesome Canteen which is nearby my office for a quick lunch since my lunch hour is limited. After all, I have been eager to try this place which has become one of the many other haunts mushrooming around PJ recently.

The cafe interior lives up to the name, a tastefully done canteen-inspired decor I'd must say. All orders are taken at the cashier counter due to absence of waiters/waitresses. Nevertheless, the food & drinks you ordered will be sent to your seats. I was craving for coffee & pasta hence I settled for cafe mocha & grilled chicken spaghetti.

The price is pretty affordable but the quality wasn't on par with other eateries of similar price range. The pasta was okay in my opinion but then again, I'm a picky eater when it comes to pasta. As simple a dish it may sound, it's never easy to whip out a great tasting pasta. In this case, the spaghetti was overcooked thus a little soggy. Thankfully, it wasn't soaking with olive oil; otherwise it would be a pain to gobble it up.

I sipped the mocha & concluded the taste fell flat. Aroma seems to be lacking & I couldn't get the chocolatey kick I was looking for in the beverage. But I shouldn't be complaining since the drink only cost about RM8.90. I'm doubtful about returning for the next round but I would still recommend it if you are looking for a decent Western lunch. Just keep your expectations at bay & the overall taste experience should be fine.

Awesome Canteen
19, Jalan 20/13
Taman Paramount
46300 Petaling Jaya

03-7865 8048