Bari-Uma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ

Saturday, June 07, 2014

It's been a long time since I last ate ramen, not to mention eating out with Mum. Since Jaya Shopping Centre just opened recently, we decided to check out the newly rebuilt neighbourhood mall to fill up our grumbling stomachs. There are still not many tenants hence the number of eateries are limited as well. Mum was craving for something soupy & the ramen shop, Bari-Uma Ramen came to mind. I didn't have any specific preference, so I willingly obliged.

Bari-Uma Ramen reminded me of Goku Raku Ramen in terms of price range & the menu offering. The easiest way to test out whether a restaurant is good is by ordering its signature dish. I always believed a good restaurant should be able to execute its signature dish well as communicated. It's one of the essential factor to gaining success. I ordered tonkotsu shoyu ramen while Mum called for another ramen & a bowl of Japanese fried rice.

The noodle portion turned out to be slightly smaller than expected. Nevertheless, the noodle texture is pretty nice & it sure does live up to its claim of being hand made. It's a pity that the noodles were a little overcooked, not as springy as I thought it would be. The broth was a slightly tasteless even though it looks appetizing. On the other hand, the fried rice that Mum ordered was delicious.

I would give an overall rating 3 out of 5 for this restaurant. The portion is rather small despite charging averagely at RM20 per dish. I think the food was too expensive, lacking the value we paid for. Taste wise is alright, if you know which appropriate dish to order. Otherwise, I'm not exactly sure if I would pay the next visit.

Bari-Uma Ramen
L3-11, Level 3
Jaya Shopping Centre
Jalan Semangat
46100 Petaling Jaya

03-7932 2958