Transformers: Age of Extinction

Monday, July 07, 2014

I'd like to believe that the latest Transformers instalment was a blast. Or so I thought. The movie trailer is obviously a successful gimmick to deceive the audience into believing that the movie might be the best Transformer movie ever. I have been deceived... =(

I was made to believe that signing up different casts such as Hollywood A-lister Mark Wahlberg will bring a breath of fresh air to the already stale storyline of the Transformers franchise, no thanks to Michael Bay. If only the whole franchise was a little more loyal to the original Transformers animation but I can only dream on for now.

Age of Extinction was approx 2 hours 45 mins long. And you wonder what in the world a simple robot movie would take up such long running time. Well, Michael Bay decided to inject some emotions to the movie this time by dialing up on the father-daughter relationship. As if that is not enough, the plot was filled with awfully written lines & typical Bay-plosions to remind you in the face it is after all a Michael Bay film & it won't go wrong with box office performance.

On 2nd thoughts, the whole film idea probably wasn't entirely Bay's fault. If you'd care enough to watch it in the cinema, you can't help but notice many unnecessary scenes were forcefully included just to promote "certain" countries. Ain't it obvious the funding probably came from Chinese investors who without doubt insist the content to reflect everything Chinese? Why am I being so critical about this? Well, I have worked long enough in Cina-man companies to be smart enough to notice that the investors are a typical kind - greedy. I reckon the production team behind Transformers have no choice but to oblige to the absurd request or risk funds being pulled off from such big budget production.

Even then, the efforts from the team wasn't enough to keep the investors happy. I heard that a lawsuit was filed against the production team for not complying to the agreement. Apparently, some of the scenes featuring iconic locations supposedly in the film was edited out in the final cut. I'm deeply appalled by how degraded Hollywood movie has become. Moreover, this unfortunate incident happened to our all-time favourite childhood series. Maybe I shouldn't take the movie too seriously, should I? Honestly, it was a waste of my money & precious 2 hours.

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