Budget 2015: Lego-fied

Sunday, October 12, 2014

For the first time in years that I actually paid attention to the budget announcement. In this case, I was referring to Budget 2015. Well, erm...not really. Frankly speaking, I didn't bother to know the details details because the perks announced each year never really benefited the middle-income citizens like me.
It's because this year, The Star took the initiative to be creative by presenting the budget details in the simplest manner possible. And there you have it - a Lego-fied Budget 2015! It's so darn adorable & eye-catchy that it's impossible to ignore.

I reckon the idea of publishing the budget spread with minifigures, buildings & vehicles built from Lego bricks culminated from the growing popularity of Lego brand in Malaysia ever since the opening of Legoland.

It was a fantastic idea however, I wasn't particularly ecstatic about the details. The general public is still largely ignorant & lack knowledge of GST & its implementation. There are so much uncertainty looming within the market especially in the industry I worked in that many corporations are adopting a wait & see approach.

Housing policies still fail to address the problems of sky-high house prices that middle-income earners are increasingly unable to afford one. I happened to be one of them & even if pooling with WL is possible, the location is probably less than ideal.

The only perks I see light is increased budget allocation for small & medium enterprises especially for professional women. Indeed beneficial for my future plan to start up a business & quit my future-less job. I have been harbouring that thought for months. All I need is courage to take the leap of faith.

So fellow readers, what are your thoughts on Budget 2015?

In order to view the larger version, click here.

Image credits to The Star.