The Morning After, Jaya One

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I took a day off on Friday just to get some rest & clear off my mind from all the mess happening in the office. Being a filial granddaughter, I took Grandma out for lunch instead of the usual hawker food takeout at the nearby coffee shop. We headed to The Morning After which is situated at Jaya One, right opposite of The School.

The price is generally affordable, averaging around RM12 per dish. I ordered mocha & shrimp aglio olio because they couldn't prepare eggs benedict as their turkey ham ran out of stock.

The hot mocha didn't look too impressive when the waiter placed the cup on the table. The coffee art was definitely not impressive. Upon taking a sip, I was further disappointed by the mild coffee taste. My drink kind of tasted like diluted dark chocolate drink instead.

For starters, I called for wild mushroom soup with a splash of truffle oil. Not thick enough but then again, it's not cream of mushroom so I guess it's okay. The truffle oil provided an appetizing start & compensated the lack of thick consistency of the soup.

My shrimp aglio olio came soaking wet in olive oil. Although the taste seemed okay, I didn't enjoy the experience of putting strands of spaghetti drenched in grease into my mouth. It's gross! I'm miffed that many restaurants take pasta cooking for granted just because it's supposedly the easiest dish to cook.

I picked grilled chicken & mashed potatoes for Grandma because the rest of the dishes didn't suit her rather picky taste. It turned out pretty okay, I guess. The one complain I had to agree with Grandma was that the plate kept on spinning each time she sliced a piece of the chicken. Not an enjoyable experience.

I called for the bill after gulping the last bit of my coffee. When the bill came, I didn't bother to check on the details & just slip the credit card to the waitress. She came back with the transaction slip for me to sign; it was then I realised they undercharge our meals. I could've been nasty but I decided against it. I kindly told the waitress that my entree was pasta & the drink wasn't latte (eggs benedict & latte cheaper were obviously cheaper).

They tried cancelling the transaction but to no avail as the credit card company already approved the transaction. Then, another staff came to me to apologise for their mistake & the actual bill was only RM8 difference. He waived the RM8 so we didn't have to pay extra. Although I wasn't satisfied with their food, I was very pleased with how the staff handled this matter. I'm certainly eager to return for a 2nd visit, even if it's just for a drink.

L4-G-2, Palm Square
Jaya One
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya


Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 8:00am - 12:00am