One year feels like eternity

Monday, February 09, 2015

Wow, I just realised that my 1 year work anniversary came about on Saturday. Working in my position felt like it's been forever. Monotonous, last minute, nonsensical, idiocy, restrained, lack of boldness, confusion...STUCK. These were the concoction of feelings that haunted me since last year until now.

It's no wonder that getting up from bed & dragging my feet to work is becoming more daunting lately. I felt demotivated as soon as I stepped into my cubicle. If only I could refused to dwell in this environment so full of stupidity that makes me dumber each day. I do not expect to downgrade myself again. Not now, not ever.

I wish I could just tender my resignation immediately. Right here, right now. And go on pursuing my dream. But the current wage pays the bills & I'm in need of a solid capital for startup. I'll be patient & start my preparation secretly. When the right time has come, I'll leave in style. Meanwhile, keep showering the good prayers for a decently smooth year ahead. Also, can someone enlighten me how to deal with the idiots plagued with an island syndrome?