Barn Thai Restaurant & Bar, Plaza 33 PJ

Saturday, March 21, 2015

It was girl's night out yesterday even though only 3 of us among my gang of friends since high school managed to make time for dinner. We preferred somewhere nearer since we were all tired out after work & for some of us, traffic jam on a Friday night. Off we went to Barn Thai Restaurant & Bar at Plaza 33, PJ.

At first impression, Barn Thai gave the vibe of a upper class Thai restaurant with a nice ambient serving a wide variety of Thai cuisine. Indeed, flipping open the menu said it all - the price point is definitely higher. Without further ado, my friend ordered the familiar dishes she tried & asking the waiter to serve the food soonest because we were starving & it was already 9pm. Furthermore, there wasn't much crowd in the restaurant to begin with.

Chicken green curry was served first & we started digging in. The gravy was rich in flavour & appetizing but somehow something struck me as less...Thai? Shoot me if you disagree but I couldn't understand why the curry didn't taste that authentic to me. Or maybe I didn't get to taste real Thai food during my previous trips there.

I made sure we ordered something less spicy because I didn't want to aggravate my occasional skin problems. I've got everyone a seafood fried egg noodle for sharing. Flavourful & fragrant, that's who I would describe this dish when I popped a forkful in my mouth. And no short of seafood too. Yum!

The rest of our dishes were as follows - (from top) crab cake, minced chicken clear soup with glass noodle & egg tofu and clear seafood tom yum.

Crab cake was nice but I seriously loathed the crab shells that got stuck in the meat cake. And it's unfortunate that I'm not really a crab person so no matter how good it tasted, I just didn't know how to appreciate crab meat. To be fair, the crab cake was done well. The chicken clear soup with glass noodle was an enjoyable dish; more like a warm, comfort food for the stomach. It's probably the kind of soupy bowl of noodles you would slurp up on a cold, rainy day. However, the clear seafood tom yum, albeit a less spicy one, was still too hot for me. In fact, it tasted peppery & burning hot due to the cili padi in the broth. Again, NOT a fan of overly spicy food that makes me sweat & tear.

In summary, there were some hits & misses among the dishes we ordered. And it wouldn't do justice to Barn Thai if I stated my verdict is a less favourable experience just because I couldn't tolerate spicyness. From the perspective of price, I think the meal was pricey & the overall taste didn't really surprise me. I think my friends would've thought otherwise but this is just purely my two cents. Rating 3.8 out of 5.

Ground Floor, Plaza 33
1, Jalan Kemajuan
Section 13
46100 Petaling Jaya

03-7932 2233

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays 11:45am - 1:00am
(Closed for breaks in between dining hour)