Sunday, July 26, 2015

I had no expectations when walking into the cinema hall to watch Ant-Man. All I gathered from the synopsis is that protagonist will be shrunk so small to be the self-titled hero. I had to watch this movie as part of completing the MCU journey.

Paul Rudd is Scott Lang, an ex-convict who discovered a suit that shrinks one into the size of an insect but greatly increases his strength. The suit was invented by Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) but the technology was intentionally protected from the world for fear of its devastation. Scott eventually became Ant-Man & together with Dr. Hank, they must protect the technology from landing to the wrong hands.

CG is amazing, showing the audience a glimpse of ants' perspective & how it's like living as a size of an insect. It's a blessing that CG has improved tremendously over the years, allowing comics' vision to become reality. It makes watching a superhero demonstrating its power more surreal & a joy to watch.

The good thing is, it's this type of underdog Marvel titles that never fail to surprise me. Ant-Man turned out be pure, good fun without any emotional baggage. Initially, I had qualms about casting Paul Rudd as a superhero. Boy, I'm proven wrong. Rudd's acting shines so well through his comedic skills. After all, I see no harm in having an extra pair of twinkling, charming eyes to stare at throughout the movie even though Rudd is not exactly the most attractive superhero actor.

Marvel Studios has again succeeded in putting up another less popular character, garnering positive reactions from comic & non-comic fans. Great job, Marvel!

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