Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Am I the only one who thinks the latest Star Wars sequel, The Force Awakens was not as good as I hoped for? Not that I have any expectation nor claim myself to be a Star Wars fan, the start to end of the film seemed so...familiar.

Did it remind you of Star Wars: A New Hope?

The Force Awakens did resemble A New Hope in an uncanny way. Both of the main characters were orphaned since young & lives in a barren planet, not knowing who the parents were & why they were abandoned there. Then, the story unfolds with the main characters discovering an inner force in him/her that can be used to fight against the evil.

And then there is the battle between the Rebels & the army controlled by a certain Sith Lord who wears a black suit with a badass voice & wields a red light sabre. Not to forget astronomical size of a powerful weapon taking form of planet is capable of destroying other neighbouring planets.

I sat through the entire 2-hour of The Force Awakens, trying to absorb every scene flashing in front of my eyes & sadly, didn't feel very excited by the flow. Because it was predictable. To some extent, the script made Rey unrealistically powerful after she somehow learnt to put her force to good use. And Kylo Ren is no badass without the mask. Sorry but seeing the actor's face without mask made me cringe.

On a positive note, all is not lost. I'd have to admit that I am very impressed with JJ Abrams' CG interpretation of the Star Wars universe. It's all this advancement in CG technology that brings out the realism even better than before. Even a non-fan like me appreciates every detail reinvented & improved to maintain the iconic pop culture that is Star Wars. Casting Daisy Ridley as Rey was spot on, but I couldn't agree much on Finn's character. Or I should say I didn't enjoy the character itself so it wasn't fair to John Boyega.

Of course, the highlight of the film is partly attributed to the returning casts from the earlier instalments, albeit the wrinkled face & greying hair. Including the main casts was the perfect way to pay tribute to the franchise & open up new paths for the franchise to expand. In short, The Force Awakens was still an entertaining piece despite its lack of originality.

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