Sigma Mrs Bunny Travel Kit Makeup Brushes

Thursday, January 21, 2016

In my previous post, I revealed that I was a makeup newbie & wasn't the best person to look for beauty advice. As my number of vanity products grew, I thought of investing a good set of makeup brushes. A lot of beauty gurus swear by their sacred tools as it helps them achieve their best looks - be it for day or night, even on special occasions.

I did a quick search & checked out a couple of YouTube videos, even enquire at a few beauty boutiques. It turns out there are 2 types of brushes - natural & synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are made of animal hair & more expensive. Synthetic fibers are made of nylon or other man-made fibers & cheaper than its natural counterpart.

Both brush types have their own benefits depending on the makeup products used. For beginners like me, it would be best to start of with the synthetic ones. My resources showed that Sigma brushes are popular among amateurs & pros as well due to its affordable price. However, this brand is not easily found in Malaysia because no retailers carry them. While there are online agent on Facebook taking orders, I wasn't convinced with the authenticity & resorted to checking out Luxola & Hermo.

Luxola does carry a few items from Sigma & I found the Mrs Bunny Travel Kit seems pretty decent. At RM274, it comes with 7pc brushes for eye & face applications. I quickly ordered it with the welcome gift code I received & waited excitedly for the parcel to arrive. The product came in a cute packaging, I must say.

The travel kit has a nice casing to store the brush set. Size is compact & very convenient for makeup on the go. Best part is it matches the colour of the brush handles. Ladies love that.

This brush with a wide, flat tapered end is the F60 Foundation brush which is said to provide smooth application for liquid or cream based foundation & primer. I used it to apply my Elizabeth Arden BB cream & it turned out alright, but not as smooth as I expected because it leaves little streak marks at the cheeks. It's a small matter though & it can be fixed with some dabble of powder. The fibers are soft & didn't poke my skin as what some users have commented.

And then, there's the F30 Large Powder that provides even blending of powder products on both face & body. It is soft & fluffy; picks up my compact powder with just the right amount & spreads evenly across my face. I think this brush can also work well as a blusher brush too.

Now, this 3rd large brush included in the set is F40 Large Angled Contour which I find fascinating. The brush end is slanted at an angle & great for contouring the cheek area. It is useful to apply blusher precisely on the cheekbone. Nifty!

Moving on to the eye brushes, there are 4 types which serve different functions on various part of the eyes. The E30 Pencil - its name says it all - to be used to soften pencil liners along the lash lines or add highlight to the inner corner of the eye. I love that the firm but not hard fine tip helps with precise application; indeed suitable for Asians who have monolids. The brush is soft & does not poke too.

One of the eye shadow brushes is E55 Eye Shading which offers even colour application. The dense & slightly rounded edges works great with application on the entire lid, providing strong even tones.

The last brush for eye makeup is the E40 Tapered Blending. This brush is used to create a diffused & blended finish on the crease. By just sweeping back & forth with the tip, my eyes look more natural (you wouldn't want to wear a sharp & intense stare during daytime, right?).

There you have it, a quick review on the Sigma Mrs Bunny travel kit set from a non-professional makeup guru. I do not get paid for writing this so rest assure that it is an unbiased feedback after 2 weeks of usage.

While all the brushes are of good quality (and I take pride in taking good care of them), the E60 Foundation brush is the only one that started to shed after 2 washes. It annoyed me a lot because I washed it properly without the water flowing back into the ferrule. Otherwise, I personally think this set is a worthwhile investment.

Take a look at the final outcome!