Captain America: Civil War | X-Men Apocalypse

Saturday, May 28, 2016

After months of hectic weekends & a tensed final week, WL & I were finally able to take a breather after our wedding last week. And to be able to go for a movie marathon on a Saturday like we used to, gave us a sense of comfort.

Captain America: Civil War
We started the late morning with Captain America: Civil War, the 3rd instalment in the franchise.

Civil War picks up from a year later after Ultron's defeat to Avengers in Sokovia. While some Avengers members went into solitary, Captain America recruited & started training with the new members. During one of the missions, an unfortunate incident happened leading to the death of several humanitarian workers.

This called for UN to prepare an agreement which will authorize UN to set up a panel to oversee & control the Avengers team. The team is divided & sided Captain America & Iron Man respectively. Soon, civil war ensues among the members.

On separate plot, Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier was accused of instigating the bombing events that accidentally killed Wakanda's leader. Captain Steve Rogers believes his best friend was framed & is determined to investigate while Team Iron Man is tasked to hunt the Winter Soldier.

Honestly, I have a certain expectation after their impressive release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, considering the directors returned to direct this project. To be fair, Civil War is generally an entertaining blockbuster but lacks a solid . Now it is interesting to assemble all the superhero characters battling out each other, idea-wise & visually, the culprit who started it all did it to avenge his family. Sounds petty to me.

Maybe I'm used to the grander scheme of sorts. Or perhaps I have missed out the important point that a death of a loved one can influence an individual to anything, in the name of revenge. Civil War is still an easy watch & it has no less of eye candy. Chris Evans flexing his incredible biceps in this scene went viral, especially among the ladies. Oh la la...


Ohhh...and lets not forget how delicious Sebastian Stan is. XD

X-Men Apocalypse
After lunch, we entered the cinema hall for the next movie. I didn't know what to expect from this 3rd instalment because the previous film, Days of Future Past was awesome & somehow gives an impression of a closure to the entire franchise. Nevertheless, Apocalypse is still a much watch - James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender, just because. XD

Though there wasn't any expectation, the movie was overloaded with action & a villain so cliched that made me almost barfed. The production team seemed to have ran out of creative juice, otherwise it would have been a fantastic movie. What a waste of talent from the stellar casts.

Don't get me started on the villain, Apocalypse. His lines were lame & his ability to maintain other mutant powers after transferring his soul to their physical body is exaggerated. Overkill, I must say. As if no one is able to defeat him. *rolls eyes* Even the sexy Michael Fassbender is no saving grace for the movie.

The movie should have ended in Days of Future Past on a good note while it still could. Bryan Singer did a tremendous good job to tie the loose ends of previous instalments so that the whole franchise a lot more sense, despite not staying true to comic material. Oh well...a little too late, huh?

I always felt the franchise re-boot was demonstrating exceptional progress but in the end, failed miserably just because movie studios want bigger & more CG-ed blockbusters without emphasis on solid story arc. I wish to undo what I just deeply disappointed.

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