Beauty & The Beast Screening Postponed Indefinitely

Monday, March 13, 2017

Latest update from The Star, 14 March 2017

Apparently, the Censorship Board has approved Beauty & The Beast to be released in cinemas. It's unlikely the release will be as per original date, but at least it's not banned.

Disney fans, let's rejoice! There's no need to cry anymore.

This is so going to be my birthday movie :D

Malaysians received a jolt from their mundane Monday late evening earlier, when news of Beauty & The Beast live-action movie screening will be postponed until further notice. The movie was schedule to premier this Thursday, 16 March.

Rumours were circulating about the reason for postponement was due to LeFou's gay element in the film. Come on...having a homosexual character does not label the entire movie as such. The screenwriters are trying to keep up with the times & recognize LGBT groups in film making.

Why all the fuss? Our Censorship Board can always fall back to what they do best - snip off that entire scene, duh! It's going to be a box office hit & don't tell me the authorities will want to miss out tax earned from the ticket sales.

Really #MalaysiaBoleh.

Credits: The Star Online