Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The world saw Kingsman: The Secret Service, adapted from the less known comic book series Kingsman & absolutely loved it. The humour, vulgarity, graphic violence but executed in a light-hearted manner - pure brilliance!

Now the casts are back bigger & supposedly better with Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Did it live up to the buzz from the first movie?

Frankly, there's a lot for this sequel to live up compared to its predecessor. While The Golden Circle still tries to stay true to its earlier material, introducing the American equivalent called Statesman seemed too corny, bringing the level of posh down one notch. A little tacky...I must say.

Don't even get me started on Channing Tatum. His screen time was so limited that he was purely a waste of talent. And budget too. I could barely watch him for more than 30 minutes & he was gone on the rest of the movie. Another tacky move here.

Between the Kingsman & Stateman outfit, I'd go for the former hands down. I mean, just look at the orange suit donned by's doped! I shall not reveal too much on the plot. The only way is to find out yourselves whether you can actually fit into those lifestyle.