The Greatest Showman

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hugh Jackman in a musical is not new news; his earlier gigs were mostly theatrical/musical based productions before his breakthrough role as Wolverine in Hollywood. Somehow, seeing him headlining The Greatest Showman evokes a strange feeling within me. I'm still not ready for this man putting his iconic comic hero behind him & moving on (or should I say, moving back) to what he does best - singing & dancing.

It wasn't the first time Jackman starred in a musical film production, as last seen in Les Miserables. In that movie, he was required to sing out the dialogues most of the time. While in The Greatest Showman, he had to sing & wait for it...DANCE! He is one all-rounder - great actor with good looks & amazing dance skills. He sings generally well, but it takes an acquired taste to like his vocals & tonality.

Other stars such Zac Efron & Zendaya are singers in their own right. One has string of High School Musical movie franchise in his resume while the other has released albums before. These two young stars were cast as star-crossed lovers forbidden to be together due to difference in status. One scene that stood out featured the two of them on flying trapeze belting out the song titled "Rewrite The Stars". Their chemistry was spot-on & brought the romance to live.

Of course, there is the hit song "This Is Me" by Keala Settle that has been played few times on radio. Having to watch this song performed in the movie feels great as the lyrics were spot on about standing up against the bullies & people who look down on you. It's loud, strong & full of passion that is infectious.

Amidst the great music & choreography, sadly the plot is actually quite weak. If it wasn't for the theatrics & entertainment value of the musical, I would've slept through the entire movie. Thus it made me questioned my friend's tearful reaction after watching the movie. I guess he was just being dramatic. The Greatest Showman is still an enjoyable movie, just don't take it too seriously. Ratings: 4 out of 5.

Now leave me while I go enjoy Hugh Jackman's smooth grooves.

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