Sunday, November 04, 2018

I was on a hiatus for the longest time & I truly felt bad for not writing often in this humble blog of mine. Work has pretty much taken a 80% of my time & energy each day. Whatever left is for the house chores & spending little time with my hubby.

I've been deprived of hobbies & includes blogging. I think I'm starting to forget how to bake as well, considering the seriously lacked of time I had for practice. What a pity when I actually spent a good sum of money to improve my baking skills.

So why 24 hours doesn't seem enough for me? I chose to climb the corporate ladder these past 2 years, sort of. As much as I hate to admit, I was hungry for a promotion & a pay raise. In my mind, the pay raise means more money/savings for my future business.

I got my promotion but the raise was average. It was probably fair because I was fairly junior as a senior managerial post. What's next? I'm not sure if I want to continue to be part of corporate anymore considering the long working hours & mismatched in business mindset between myself & the company at large.

Perhaps a new beginning is waiting for me next year.