Body of a possessed one

Friday, October 30, 2009

What a good way to celebrate Halloween by making a trip to the cinemas to catch a horror movie. Nevertheless, watching a horror/thriller movie for the 2nd time is definitely not helping me to overcome my fear for spooky stuff. Not even when you have a bombshell such as Megan Fox to please both male & female audiences. Wanting to accompany WL so badly that I've decided to go against my will to give it another shot. Together with our ex colleague & his gf, it was more like a double date movie outing.

This movie opens with Amanda Seyfried's character, "Needy" narrating on how she was sent to the asylum due to an incident with her best friend, Jennifer. Jennifer, the typical popular high school girl who only has eyes for hot guys suddenly got possessed by a demon. Her demonic powers make her look radiant as ever but however, she needs to feast on human flesh to stay youthful. Or she would look haggard & drained out as if she was on withdrawal symptoms from drugs.

Overall, the plot is nothing great. But the entire movie was too graphic for me to bear. Especially when Megan Fox has her long black tresses covering her face & drenched in blood - sniggering slyly revealing her long, sharp fangs - ready to prowl on unsuspecting preys. And you see her going wild; seducing the guys with her uber sexy body & then tearing their flesh apart, then leave the body behind to rot. No doubt her bikini body is to die-for (both males & females), the story itself didn't do justice. In the end, the devil got out of hand & you see "Needy" taking revenge.

I'm not giving out more spoilers here but if you're into blood & gore, here's another movie for you. After all, it's the month of Halloween. Time to get spooky~