Friday, November 06, 2009

My first time travelling up north without the presence of my family members nor WL turned out to be exhausting but nevertheless, pretty okay. And it wasn't for a holiday trip with buddies or close-knitted colleagues but in fact for the sake of working. The thought of long-distance travel during weekends due to work seemed so hard to bear.

Well, I supposed this is part & parcel of a job as a marketeer - to travel once in a while to other regions in order to have a better understanding of the actual market. I would like to stress again that this is was my first time presenting to the sales team. Not that I'm really green in doing presentation but c'mon, it can be quite nerve-wrecking to be a newbie giving sales brief to the team who are more experienced than you are. Train of thoughts started running through my mind the night before I'm bound to travel. I'm thinking...what if I made a blunder of everything? What if I didn't know how to elaborate my slides? So many what-ifs...

Thankfully, things turned out smoothly. No doubt I was a little nervous & my voice croaked a little throughout the presentation but I felt my confidence level grew slowly & steadily. It was hard to keep the team's attention; after all they've already been briefed previously by their sales leaders. Tell me who would wanna listen to the same thing twice. Neither do I. Haha.

I think the best part about this trip is the opportunity to experience the annual dinner organised by the regional office. Something that other staff in the HQ won't have the privilege to do so unless they're from the management level. It was interesting to see that the employees at the region put a lot of effort - right from the performance to the decorations eventhough it was of a lower scale, less lavish celebration. Food was okay, or at least that's what I thought so as compared to the ones served at HQ's annual dinner. Never knew that pasembo (Indian rojak) tasted so good~ ^^

Travelling back to KL right after the dinner ended was quite a bad decision. Should've left earlier but you know...we can't simply do that when the boss is around. I was in a deep slumber the whole night despite the bumpy ride & uncomfortable 90 degrees angle backseats. I arrived home at 1.20am, a record breaking time~ Haha. Seriously. Never in my life I come home that late even though after a night out with WL cuz we conform to my family's strict curfew. But who cares about curfew when you're already in a rush to travel back home when there's a need to work the next day? It's pretty insane exciting & adventurous working in this company. =P