Forever Michael...This Was It

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've been harbouring the desire to watch This Is It but didn't wanna voice it out knowing that WL doesn't fancy movies like such. I may not be a hardcore fan of MJ but as a child who has been watching him on TV & having interest for his musical & extraordinary dancing talents, the film that showcases MJ during his final hours of rehearsals before his shocking death.

Mum was eager to watch & both of us watched the earliest show of the day. No doubt the video materials were very raw & not filmed professionally reason being it was meant for MJ's personal viewing. Nevertheless, Kenny Ortega did a fantastic job in piecing up the bits & pieces of clips recorded in different periods into a 2 hour length film. First, it was the audition to select the best dancers around the world for the upcoming tour which didn't make it to the stage. Next, intensive practices were held to perfect the dance routines. Meanwhile, short clips were shot in the studio with the purpose of giving it a modern twist to MJ's old videos. Generally, the film is the full dress rehearsal of the concert with him singing each song live.

For a 50 year old man, his singing & dancing abilities still never lose its appeal despite his frail figure. Seeing him on stage in the film felt as if he's still around, live & kicking. His songs are good but the only tracks that made me tear in the film is I'll Be There & Heal The World. MJ's angelic voice adds life to the beautiful song which makes u feel that God has sent angels down from heaven to make the world a better place.

When the credits rolled, all of us in the cinema hall refused to leave as the film was absolutely fantastical. That the concert would the most awaited spectacular show of the year. It was such a waste that this concert didn't make it to the stage. We wouldn't have the opportunity to watch it if it did, right? RIP Michael, you'll always be in our heart until the end of time.