Mei was at East Coast Part 1

Sunday, November 15, 2009

On a cloudy Friday morning, I embarked on my furthest trip from home. I was on my way to Kuantan! Our Marketing team travelled there with the purpose of presenting a brief to the East Coast sales team & also to attend the final round of annual dinner. We set off at about 9am in our company's Volvo - our group consisting two from my department, one from Sales & Procurement respectively.

It was a long & somewhat tiring journey for me. Perhaps this is due the very fact that I travel less than anyone of them in the car. It was my first time being away from my humble "kernel" & I wondered if I'm able to survive or take care of myself without my parents' supervision. Much to my surprise, I adapted in no time & hardly demanded anything nor anyone to pamper to my needs. Though no doubt my face was showing signs of fatique throughout the entire trip. And so I napped throughout the entire trip. Zzz...

Upon arriving Kuantan, the trees & swampy areas flashed by as our Volvo passed by. Development is relatively slower in this part of the foreign land. The bizarre thing is...dark red soil can be seen everywhere, unlike the yellowish & orange muddy soil that we're so accustomed back at home.

Along the coastal line, wooden Malay houses were seen occupying the flat lands while thick forest trees were replaced with tall coconut trees.

Just a few kilometres away, the resort finally came into view...

I was supposed to share room with two ladies but due to last minute change of plans, I was left with no choice to sleep alone. But this room is just too roomy for a single soul like me.

The sales team was in a meeting & it wasn't necessary for the Marketing people to join in. Hence, we decided to hit the beach & snap some photos. Kuantan beach is not that scenic, as expected.

Nevertheless, the sea breeze & cloudy weather was indeed a good environment for a quiet, soothing relaxation.

Soon the sun sets & the dark skies cast shadows over the coastal line. The hotel was immediately lit up; its soft, amber lights are warm & inviting that it felt like the building is welcoming the guests with open arms. It set the mood for the night of our annual dinner - everyone getting ready to experience an enjoyable night.

Dinner was served in buffet style, as usual. Nothing tasted out of the extraordinary but generally acceptable. I supposed it's the ambience that made the event somewhat special in some ways. What's more, this is the only annual dinner that serves alcoholic beverages - a plus point for our male colleagues who are hoping to have a jolly good night. While the men stayed on for extra pints, the ladies retreated to their own rooms for bedtime.

To be continued...