One year & counting...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yesterday marked my first anniversary working in this company. For the past few months, there were many moments to be cherished. Be it for good & bad times with colleagues or great lessons learnt from people of all walks of life. Along the way, I've met many new people that became good friends while some just came & left...just like the wind.

It's not easy surviving in this tough environment reason being the culture is very much different here. Lots of methods are still pretty conventional & the redtape policy becomes a hindrance to complete certain task in a quicker manner. Imho, there are many procedures that can be omitted to increase work efficiency. However, there's no way we can change them to suit our preference. It's a management decision, after all. =(

I'm indeed surprised myself that I'm able to struggle & survive working here considering the tough environment. Especially when our department is seriously lacking manpower. It's really stressed out working in this office but it did trained me to be so much tougher than before. I remember that I used to cry a lot over little things. Now, I tend to keep sorrows inside or brush them away. Or perhaps I'm too tired to even feel upset about anything. Haha!

Tough job aside, I still love my job as marketeer. In addition, I met many great people too that are willing to help along the way & I'm certainly grateful for their endless support & guidance. After all, it's only the beginning so no harm suffering a little. Wish me luck as I hope to stay on for another year or two before I embark on a new journey in another organisation that could provide better remuneration package. ;)