RIP good ol' lappie

Friday, November 27, 2009

Here I am blogging from my aunt's company laptop, sadly announce that my personal lappie has finally come to an end after 2 years 8 months of usage. LED lights were on but it refused to boot up nor show any signs of life display. I bought it at RM3,600 & despite some minor bumps & scratches due to wear & tear; the lappie looks as good a few months old. Isn't it a waste to have it disposed?

Many of you may think that the spoilt lappie is strong reason for me to get a brand new one. However, to get another one would probably cost me another 3k... T.T That is if I'm getting a considerably good one with specifications that accommodate my sis' designing needs. To be honest, I don't even need one that's superbly good in graphics or has high RAM. As a matter of fact, I'll be spending most of my quiet time blogging, performing some word processing & working on presentations/worksheets & FB-ing. Only occasionally I would be watching some videos online or download some dramas to whet my drama-holic appetite.

*sighs* I'm so in a dilemma right now~ Which one should buy?? :S