Kids grow up, toys stays young

Monday, July 26, 2010

After more than 15 years hiatus, Disney & Pixar had decided to pick up one of their earlier works & started working on a new storyboard. Thus, a tale of toys was born! Our familiar good 'ol Toy Story, part 3. Whee!

The Toy Story franchise was among the movies I grew up watching. I could remember my old self literally begging my parents to let me watch it with my sis or friends only cuz they just don't enjoy such animated films. I don't blame them, it's not their cup of tea. Although I have less vivid memories of each scene; the movies were simple, heartfelt & most importantly, honest. It just brings out every childhood's imagination of roleplaying with their toys. At least, I did roleplay with my Barbie dolls XD. It's amazing that the creators can bring out life out of these plastic things that it makes us wonder whether our toys live life after dark.

When it's about marketing, Disney & Pixar always work their magic. The objective was for the benefit of the new generation kids who either knew nothing about Toy Story or weren't even born yet & young adults to relive their childhood memories. And there you have it, a special theatrical release for two weeks only. One ticket, two movies, three-dimensional.

Not only the there was a re-run of the prequels, merchandises were re-released to commemorate the comeback. And there you have it, the more than 10 year old characters capturing the heart of the new group of kids. The merchandises are most likely the upgraded version of the older models in which plus inflation, the toys definitely carry a hefty price tag. Sure bet Disney & toymakers are making big bucks out of these merchandises.

Now to the was plain awesome! Just another honest storytelling from the creators that made the whole movie truly entertaining. You'll be surprised that majority of the moviegoers were actually adults =D. I'm not gonna reveal much here but I assure you that it's worth every cent you pay for. Toy Story 3 ended in nice way & I doubt that the chances of a 4th movie or whatsoever in the making. Good things always come to an end & while we're at it, we should cherish the meaning behind this movie. After all, every child grows out of their toys when they reach adulthood. It's the way of life...