If only I could fit in

Sunday, August 01, 2010

I was crashing the mall yesterday with WL, hopefully getting a pair of sandals or flats that I could casually wear it in the office when I'm not in the mood for stilettos. And so I have found some to my liking but having to fork out RM69.90 for a pair seems like a dumbass when the Mega Sale is going on.

I dragged my sweetheart to the next shoe shop - store after store - just to find that perfect pair but to no avail. Either it's too pricey or there isn't any size I could fit in. Well, maybe there is but the shoes will bound to have a loose space in between my feet which measures up to approximately half inches. Now that's a lot of room!

What can I say...someone who's born with feet slightly shorter than the smallest size 4 will have to go through agonizing experience to find the pair that fits it all. My bony, skinny feet also makes matter worse. Far worse than I ever imagined. =(

My loved ones have told me a couple of times that maybe, someday I'll have to resort to custom-making my shoes sandals or high heels. Does that sound like I'm living a glamorous, picky life by only wearing strappy heels which is meant to fit one person in the world - my feet? Wow, the thought seems so distant & unbelievable. O.O