If school is not safe, where else?

Friday, August 20, 2010

A couple of hours ago, we were on the way for weekly badminton game at Catholic High School. Me & WL went out about our usual routine - taking turns to change our clothes in the washroom. This time, we parked the car next to the washroom which is at the alley in between the badminton hall & squash court.

About half hour later, one of the patrons at the court called out for the owner whom his car alarm sounded out. It turned out to be WL's car & suspected of the windshield being smashed. WL rushed out of the school hall while I followed behind closely. The back window on the right was broken & shards of glass pieces were scattered in & outside the car.

It was obvious that someone attempted to steal something out of the car just because there was a plastic bag in it - what seemed like a bag to the outsiders. Thankfully no valuable stuff was taken away. Apparently, one of the players saw two Indians on a motorcycle riding off heading towards the school exit when the car alarm came off. They suspected the Indians were the culprit but there is no way we could report to the police reason being the players didn't witness the action with their own eyes.

We stopped our game & left early cuz it wasn't safe to leave the car aside without a hole at the window. This incident reminded us that being anywhere is no longer safe anymore - not even within the confines of your home. Who would've expected that two random men would prey on unexpected car owners in a school vicinity? We seriously need to take precautions whenever & wherever we are. No leaving any forms of bags (shopping bags, gym bags, etc.) & most importantly expensive gadgets ie laptops in the car unattended. Keep the bags in the boot if you're parking & carry your laptop with you at all times, if any. It's better to be safe than sorry. Avoid suffering from big loss out of a simple break in.