Saturday, January 08, 2011

Some of you might already know but this is for the benefit of those who are not aware. I was offered a new job & will be starting on the 5th day of CNY. It was a big decision for me but I've decided to take up the challenge. After all, I no longer have any reason to stay & the remuneration package in my new company is not too bad.

I kept on reminding myself that if I leave any job to embark on a new career, it has to be for a good reason. Not cuz of any issues working with bosses, colleagues etc. No doubt part of the reason was due to someone, but I've a very strong reason to say that I have finally reached the maximum point of knowledge gain in my current company. There is nothing I can learn anymore even though there may be more things I could learn from my immediate superior.

Sadly, the culture in this organization doesn't encourage its employees to be bold enough to experiment & explore new ideas. The company doesn't cultivate freedom of speech & not bothered to nurture/groom talents. It's a good training ground for someone who is fresh & just graduated but a definite no-no for those who wish to expand his/her potential.

I have no regrets working in my current company for the past 2 years cuz not only it was a good training ground but it brought me the love of my life. I know you peeps are rolling your eyes but it's true. WL is no longer working here anymore but having him around in the same company is definitely the best memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Now it's time I move on to pursue a new journey in hope of better prospect & greater learning experience.

Wish me luck! =D