WL turns 28!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This year, I celebrate WL's birthday in a slightly different manner. Instead of going out for a fancy dinner at a lavish restaurant, I ended up cooking pasta for him. And prepared a surprise - which ended up not being a surprise eventually - a cake for my dearly beloved. =)

We added a little twist to the pasta dish by using pork to mix with the bolognese sauce. It's little pity that WL couldn't consume beef & since chicken in pasta sauce doesn't taste as good, we used pork for its natural fats & savoury taste. We garnished the pasta with some egg & fried a few slices of luncheon meat for variety.

Our dessert for the day was the cake, of course. This cake differs from the usual ones we purchase from bakery or cake stores. It's homemade & consists of thousands of thin layers. That's right, it's none other than mille crepe! For a start, I ordered a vanilla flavoured to try in case the other flavours aren't too convincing. The multiple crepe layers are fused together with fresh light cream & vanilla custard whereas the top layer is glazed with caramel for a smoky sugary flavour. To save cost, we collected the box at one of the pick-up points at PJ.

Once opened, the sweet aroma filled the air & there lying in the box a freshly baked vanilla mille crepe made to order for WL. However, I was quite disappointed to see a poor presentation of the cake not cuz the cake was messily done. It was the birthday greetings which looked like ugly scribblings done by an amateur using cream.

One note of advice: the cake has to be chilled at all times!! Or else the cream in between the layers will melt & the cake will end up looking like ugly goo. WL seems very please with the token I gave him =)

Upon taking a bite, the crepe & cream melts together in your mouth like butter - so soft & light. What a heavenly taste! The cake keeps you wanting more with every bite. But it does fill up your stomach pretty quickly so I bet that you can only manage at most 2-3 small slices at most. I took the first slice which is slightly bigger than medium & I got stuffed easily. By the 2nd slice, I didn't feel like eating cuz my stomach insides started to swell up; signalling to stop eating.

It was a simple, private celebration between us. WL was all smiles & I'm truly glad that he had fun. Happy Birthday sweetheart! Hope you like my arrangement on this special day of yours~ =)