Farewell, YHS

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

After serving one month notice upon resignation, today was my last day at YHS. It wasn't exactly a memorable one cuz it was CNY eve hence almost half of the company staff were out of office. I could've bid my last farewell to all of them. Oh well...*shrugs*

I spent hours spring cleaning my cubicle; disposing lots of papers which were piling high at my drawers. So much cleaner than before but still lots to be done in order to make my workstation tidy. However, there's not much I can do since lots of old files can't be disposed. In the end, my cubicle is still as messy as before.

I sat there thinking about everything that happened in the past 2 years. How time has changed everyone of us. How many ppl have come & left. How friends or foe were made. And the number of times that I've changed my workstation.

I started off from a small cubicle at one corner...

To a bigger & more spacious workstation but at the expense of a photocopier in front.

And finally, cubicle of my own with a guest chair in front of my desk.

I'll miss my humble little cubicle. The little sanctuary hidden at one corner, peaceful enough for me to stay occupied in my work. I said my last goodbye to my employee ID before surrendering it to HR. That's the end of my chapter in YHS.