First week

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I've just ended my first week at my new workplace. Not surprisingly, things were going a little slow these few days cuz most people were still not back from the CNY holidays. And I supposed the first week meant getting familiarised with the operation & the key people are need to work closely in time to come. Remember names was definitely a daunting task cuz the team is just so...huge. Period.

Then there's the daily morning assembly. Yeah, you got me right. Not Monday morning assembly like our schooling days but morning gatherings among the staff & management on a daily basis. What exactly do we actually do during the assembly? We sing our company song (how patriotic!), followed by reciting the 7 principles. Finally, the speaker of the day will give a short speech about any topic...usually set by HR. The assembly lasts about 10 mins long so it's not too bad. But the constant repetition of company song will no doubt make you remember it in no time. Speaking of patrioticism, eh? Hmm...

Our company is pretty strict on information sharing & documents are not allowed to be seen lying on our desks. This means ensuring the our workstations are tidied up & stuffed to the drawers, locked them before leaving the office. Plug points must be switched off after shutting down the PC & whenever we leave the department for lunch, lights need to be switched off as well. It's our continuous effort to embrace the "eco ideas" global campaign that instills eco-friendly lifestyle among individuals, at home & workplace.

One odd culture or should I say it's a privilege that we have a tea lady who not only ensures the pantry are properly stocked up & boiling water available at all times but to have her serve your preferred drinks at your cubicle. How does she do it? She pushes a trolley containing cups filled with hot beverages & pots of various drinks ie tea, coffee, Milo & yadi yada. All we have to do is tell her what we need & she'll prepare it right away. She does it twice a day - once for morning tea & 2nd round for teatime. Trust me, I've never ordered anything - not even once from her cuz...I just couldn't adapt to this. At home, I refused anyone who even attempt to make me Milo even though they're making one for themselves. I just prefer to be independent & make my own Milo Fuze.

Sad to know that my immediate superior will be leaving soon cuz I'm afraid that I couldn't cope up. There's so many things to learn yet so little time. I guess people come & go when you least expect it, right? There's bound to be obstacles ahead but here's hoping for a good start at my new company. Wish me luck! =)