Game of Thrones

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Most of you have heard (or may not) the upcoming mini series called Games of Thrones which will be aired next week, 28 August on HBO. Games of Thrones is adapted from the first book of popular fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice & Fire by George R. R. Martin.

I haven't read the book yet but after watching sneak preview on HBO, the series seems very exciting. It's an epic tale of kingdoms & war in the Medieval era. It may sound like another Lord of the Rings story but I beg to differ. This series is focused on the human elements sans the magical elements such as wizardry & evil powers, you name it. It's perhaps more brutal & violent in some ways cuz it reveals the dark side of humanity - sex, incestation & slavery.

I supposed all those violent & explicit scenes will never make it pass our censorship board but hopefully the main scenes are still kept to avoid chopping off the plot. Game of Thrones will premier on 28 August at 10pm with 2 episodes back-to-back & do catch upcoming episodes every Sunday at the same time. The series will last for 10 episodes for Season 1. I definitely can't wait~ =D