Cargill-Nestle Sports Carnival 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

When WL told me that he'll be representing his company together with his teammates to participate in a sports tournament, I was more than eager to provide the ever-needed moral support. He was casually practising for several months with some of his teammates during our weekly badminton sessions.

Tournament day has finally come & I was all ready with my new camera to snap WL & his team in action. We gathered at WL's office at 7am before heading to FRIM, Kepong where the tournament will be held. While waiting for the rest of the members to arrive, I couldn't help but started warming up with my D5100. Indeed shooting at different hours of the day does give the photo a different feeling. See how the early morning blue sky cast a deep blue hue as the sun slowly rise from the east.

When we arrived at FRIM, I was surprised to see so many visitors were there for their morning walks or jogs. While WL & his colleagues went to warm up & prepare for the tournaments, I walked about nearby but not too far from the sports hall in case I got lost. With my camera in hand, I took some random pics of the surroundings.

And then it was WL & his teammates warming up before their badminton game while I busily snapped away.

A group photoshoot before the tournament officially begun.

Sadly, WL & team was shortlived due to lack of practice & this allowed the opponenents to win easily. Without further adue, WL continued with the next sport - table tennis. He & his teammates fully utilised whatever time left to practise as much as possible.

Before the game commenced, all participants were given a short briefing about the rules & who they'll be playing against.

And the the games begun...

Luck was not at WL & his teammates side; or should I say the lack of practice had rendered the team less competent compared to Nestle's stronger team. Anyhow, the 3rd & 4th doubles in WL's team managed to win their the end, Cargill was deemed the winner for table tennis category.

The Cargill volleyball team was a strong contender to Nestle's who was lucky to have a group of co-workers showing their never-ending support for each other. Yet again, lucky wasn't on our side as the weather condition was less conducive causing Cargill's team to lose focus. Not ot mentioned, many of them were already exhausted from the earlier games in which they also participated in. Nevertheless, I personally thought it was a good game to watch. =)

As all-round winner for table tennis, team Cargill received a medal! Yay~

Just look at WL's silly grin after receiving the medal. How adorable~ XD

Phew! What a long day it had been...WL kept telling me that if only they came more prepared - both physically & mentally - the outcome would've been more satisfying. They'll have to wait for next year then.