What's your number?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So the movie What's Your Number? starring Anna Faris & Chris Evans is finally here, how did it fare? As expected, it's a typical rom-com with a predictable plot. The only factor that had attracted me to watch this movie was the fact that the male lead is sexy hearthrob Chris Evans. I'd must say Anna Faris do have some potential in this rom-com category but it's a pity that the dialogues were bland. Most jokes were forceful but thankfully there were a few slapstick humours to break off the dry spell.

The chemistry? There certainly is but just not enough even with Chris Evans. It takes two to tango, same goes for chemistry. Sadly, it's not the kind of movie that gives u the warm, fuzzy feeling inside. In my opinion, the poor screenwriting didn't do justice to the two talented leads. Else, it would've been an entertaining piece that leaves a smile on my face.

Pic courtesy of MoviePosterDB.com