Not really a rest day

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yesterday was the 2nd time I took leave this month in an effort to clear some of my near-expiry annual leaves. It was supposed to be an opportunity for me to take some time off from work & rest.

However, things didn't turned out as expected cuz the metal bar for hanging clothes in the closet had finally gave way. To remove weight burden off the metal bar, I removed some clothes & folded them. Others were hung together with only one hanger cuz I somehow assumed that less hangers would probably mean less weight.

I was wrong. As a result, the metal bar collapsed several times leaving the clothes piled up in the closet. I packed again & repeated it thrice until my back ached. Instead of taking a nap, I ended up tidying the room cuz I couldn't stand seeing dust sticking around.

Being allergic to dust is not doing good either. In the end, I caught a cold - going to bed with a sniffling wet nose was a horrible feeling. Gah! Thankfully Panadol saved my day~ There's only one thing is baby WL ain't around for the whole week & I feel lonely. =(